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The weeks have not been pleasant with the recent attending of my social circles with the collaboration of my work.  Thus creating a super-duper tight schedule of things being done such as level concepts, character design and items.  With the design freeze coming in it’s hard to tell whether or not all of the things intended will really make it through -.-

However I am hopeful that it will all be resolved soon.  Now the game has established at 3 levels with each one more complicated than the other, since the basic element of the game is after all a puzzle.  There have been considerations in level design as having it too easy or too difficult will make it hard both on the programmer’s end and the design end.  But I believe we reached a balance on the puzzle that is being put in each stage.  So we’d expect it to be done in due time.  Hopefully when the modeling comes around the corner we would be able to create enough objects to fill the space.

As for the late blog post, I have finally gathered enough time to just pull through one.

Good luck to all you other designers out there.  🙂


Back on square 1 it seems

So after the first week of game dev’ing, our group Got Rice? has established an agreement on the strategy puzzle genre.  It was meant to be somewhat of a “set it and forget it” game where the player finds a bunch of tools within a confined space and make traps to defeat enemies that come.  Much of the plan came together nicely with the addition of several stage ideas and diagrams. 

Much of the game’s interactive options will work like any other first person shooter where the player will have hold of a weapon and uses it to knock and whack his/her way to the next level.  With that being said, the game’s target was mainly to be sort of a problem solving with a bit or horror element in it, since after all, the premise of the game was about a guy stuck in a haunted factory.  Initially the problem was that we considered all the available ways of clearing the stage but then including them would mean vasts amount of programming and modeling which could be out of our time limit reach.  It would even seem more unlikely with our additional courses.  So then the idea of having an ALL-interactive stage was scrapped.  Now it will only be somewhat interactive with most of the skill element dependent on the player’s skill in placing the traps.

However, some conflict arose and now that we’re left with the situation where 1 of our designers left, and our new designer has taken hold of a new concept.  So it seems that we would require some planning and paper scribbling once again to make sure that everything is within doable range.  But here’s to hope that we don’t start too late. D:

Blog Revival

Seems like a good time to run the blog again now that I don’t have much to do, but rather than just gaming, I think I will include some of my fictional works in progress and other daily events.

Design entry #2

After the recent meeting with the group at the workshop, we were able to flesh out the basic designs of the vehicles and cars used for the actual game.  Moreover from the programming side, Patrick and Winson seemed to have accomplished quite a bit as well with the completion of the basic physics and the particle systems.  The basic system also includes the car’s hit points and speed.  Now my part is to really define the textures of each car and level as we plan to use several particle effects for the lighting to suit the theme of the game.  Also we will be hoping to implement suitable sound and music to fit the game.

I think there’s also a need for us to integrate all of this information into our game doc that all of us seem to be neglecting in a way.  At the moment it does seem possible to put it together in time, but there’s always room for more implementations.  If the time allows we can add more lighting effects that we plan on using in the first place to enhance the graphics a bit more, but for now I think our main focus is still putting everything together.

As for the GUI, a recent rendition of our game title has been complete by our graphics person Tuo, and personally I found it to be very nice and fitting, hope that inspiration for the perfect GUI screen comes any time soon…Because I desperately need some input on that matter.

Design Entry #1

I think I was rather late on my mark to start a design entry after 2-3 weeks in.  But rather than saying that there is much to work on, it’s more of a matter of what direction everything goes at this point.  Since members from my previous team dropped out due to unforeseen circumstances, we merged with another team in order to fill our remaining position.  Even now then with a group of 7 members our workload seemed to have reduced for certain aspects of the game, but it doesn’t seem like we get much slack because our merge meant that we have to put together a new game.

Although that sounds like a lot to do, it’s not entirely so when all the physics are intact from our previous games, and I think for the most part it’s just the redesigning to fit the new game theme and the new concepts for the GDW requirements.  It’s not so much that I hate to do this but I guess thinking of a vehicle for a game that involves ‘speeding through a data highway’ isn’t my forte at the moment.

However, we do have the game’s basic look and premise in mind, and with me tasked with part of the graphics I think my main goal right now is to figure out the models and textures out, so more and more concepts it is.


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