Design entry #2

After the recent meeting with the group at the workshop, we were able to flesh out the basic designs of the vehicles and cars used for the actual game.  Moreover from the programming side, Patrick and Winson seemed to have accomplished quite a bit as well with the completion of the basic physics and the particle systems.  The basic system also includes the car’s hit points and speed.  Now my part is to really define the textures of each car and level as we plan to use several particle effects for the lighting to suit the theme of the game.  Also we will be hoping to implement suitable sound and music to fit the game.

I think there’s also a need for us to integrate all of this information into our game doc that all of us seem to be neglecting in a way.  At the moment it does seem possible to put it together in time, but there’s always room for more implementations.  If the time allows we can add more lighting effects that we plan on using in the first place to enhance the graphics a bit more, but for now I think our main focus is still putting everything together.

As for the GUI, a recent rendition of our game title has been complete by our graphics person Tuo, and personally I found it to be very nice and fitting, hope that inspiration for the perfect GUI screen comes any time soon…Because I desperately need some input on that matter.


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